Dryzone DUI Program

 Latino Family Center Outpatient Program


Addiction Assessment Services

Mission Council offers  Alcohol and Substance Abuse assessment through our State license Alcohol/Drugs Educators.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse assessments are provided to stablish if the matter is Alcohol or Substance Abuse.

With the results of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse assessment, it will provide a target of the level of addiction or dependency which assist to stablish what type of assistance will be needed.

Mission Council, Alcohol and Substance Use Assessment service cost is $180 per session.

Assessment is performed  by a State License Alcohol/Drug Educator.



To schedule an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Assessment service please contact us at 415-826-6767,415-826-6768.

Walk-ins welcome.


Monday trough Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Drug Testing Services

Drug testing services are provided by Mission Council to all sectors of the public and private population.

Samples are sent to well known Laboratory which provides high accuracy and fast responce with the results at the same time following all State regulations and procedures.


The price for a test performed at Mission Council is $20.00.


Any question, inquire or schedule for a test, please contact us at 415 826 6767.