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 Latino Family Center Outpatient Program


Family Day Treatment Program

LIC# 380008CN

The Family Day Treatment Program provides family focused services to parents, their children, and extended family members. The major goal is to mitigate the adverse consequences of drug dependence on the individual and his/her family members, and to establish partnerships within the family and with a variety of social service agencies in the community.

Length of stay in the program is based on the clinical needs of the participants, with an average stay of twelve months Family Day Treatment participation.

The Program is open to serve families six days a week. The holistic treatment program provides families with:


  • Assessment and Treatment planning,
  • Family counseling,
  • Individual counseling (when clinically appropriate),
  • Couples counseling (when appropriate),
  • Group counseling (topics range from Substance Abuse Education, Parenting Skills, Life Skills Training, to Health and Wellness, etc.), treatment goal as part of the harm reduction strategy.
  • Child Enrichment Center activities for the participating children


The Program applies the principles of Harm Reduction in its approach to working with the participating families and strives to “meet clients where they are at,” in their treatment needs. Depending on client needs, abstinence may be part of the treatment goal as part of the harm reduction strategy.


The Family Day Treatment Program provides service primarily to Latino families, both monolingual and bilingual (Spanish/English speaking), of all genders and sexual orientations who suffer from substance abuse problems.  


The program targets dual parents with one or more children, single parents with one or more children, and couples. Children may be of natural or legal bond. Minor aged parents are also eligible to receive services.


The program places no limitations on the number of children or family members that may enter into the program.

The program places no restrictions on the ages of the children who enter the program with their families.


The first three target population groups are:

  • Alcoholic/drug addicted or ancillary
    affected families.
  • Spanish speaking and limited English
    speaking families.
  • Low income families.  

154 A Capp Street. Room 10

San Francisco, CA 94110

  Our facility is located in the Mission District between 16th and 17th.  

 Our facility is within walking distance from the 16th BART and all Mission Street MUNI Lines: